Monday, August 18, 2008

Far Away

I look around , and i have this deep feeling that i miss something.. i gaze more attentively ...
my desk is is very sunny outside...the atmosphere out is not clear ..dusty....few palm trees here and there looking pale ,the buildings infront of my office are all brownish - yellowish...The AC is hitting my head and neck...i cant put it off because i will suffocate then..drinking my coffee in the middle of the summer just to keep me awake...waiting for the breakfast lady so i can grab a sandwich because i dont have time to eat before leaving home or i will risk the traffic..i can feel the potentials of a is coming..
And here i realize. i do miss something ..actually i miss alot of things..i miss to see the colour Green with all its shades...i miss the feel of soft breeze of nature on my skin...i miss to taste fruits immidiately after pciking them up out of the tree..i miss drinking water from a spring...i miss smelling the earth after a summer rainy day...i want to wake up to the sounds of kids playing freely in the yard .. i want to enjoy the warmth of the sun after a long white winter...i miss the surprises of nature want to inhale fresh air...i want it to fill my lungs and blood...i want to be free

Actually i miss being far far far away from here...

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