Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Judging people!!

it is very easy to announce how open minded we are, how understanding and anti judgmental individuals , we brag about being great friends because we think so..we live our lives spreading speeches about our principles and perspectives..we enjoy flattering words like " deep" or " yes you are absolutely right" and the best musical rhyme would be " I appologize, am wrong and you are right" Victory!

we on the other hand very easily pinpoint other people's flaws. we catch it immidiately as if we found water in the middle of a desert, we sit , analyze and criticize and then we start blaming, of course all whispering from ear to ear.we will be having that " disgusted look", and acting in shock that how can people do that??

do we look into ourselves? do we take a moment to analyze our personalities, maybe we do the same?maybe we are not as flawless as we think we are? maybe people do not tell us " you are wrong" because they dont care, or they dont want to hurt us or whatever?

Who gave us the right to judge people? who gave us the right to decide what is right and what is wrong?

I believe everyone should mind his own business and accept people the way they are as long as the way they are doesnt affect the way we are in any way!!

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