Friday, January 23, 2009

Blabbering on a rainy night

It is raining outside,

I can hear it gushing and splashing on the ground, and i can see some drops escaping from their fate ,lying exhausted on the window glass.. But that is all what i can get from this raining night, I cant view anything else just few glimpses of a dark angry sky, that i have to bend my neck in a specific angle to be able to see it. the way this city is engineered and planned is obnoxious, all what they focus on, buildings and more buildings, each one taller than the other, all having the same high rectangular shape different colors and different glass panes, but the same dullness, and lack of balconies most of the times and if surprisingly they are present , they are so small and useless.
This city is planned , to choke you, to deprave you from the view and the view nothing and you hardly breath

It is still raining,

My thoughts are floating away, so far, reaching 5 years back to a city i valued and loved, a city that would reach up to you , turn you around to face it and makes you love it so gently . a city that offers you everything abundantly and generously, offers you a full view and a fresh air to breath. The rain is so different over there, you can see the sky all over you , each and every corner of it, you can watch the raindrops one by one falling and hugging the earth and on their way, they dance with the trees . the trees are so high, solid in a harmonic relationship with the sky , the earth and the rain.. Those rainy night, 5 years back is what i miss at the moment

This is the rain,

It always triggers all kind of nostalgic feelings in me,but this time those feelings are sharp and painful, because it reminds you, of you reminds you of everything you tossed at the back of your mind..everything you wanted to be and you couldnt.. 5 years back, i wanted to be content, peaceful , i wanted to hug the earth and grow like the trees, i wanted to be different, i wanted to be there, i wanted passion to lead me, i wanted to connect, to communicate, but here , now, in this city am typical , am with the norm, am growing like the grass obeying the wind, i lost connection even with myself and am leaded by the norm . Am stuck in a fast city that admires only tall , serious , dull buildings. a city that is obsessed with the largest, the biggest, the fastest...etc

It is still raining..hope it stops in the morning and i will wake up with a blank brain that has no memories...


Anonymous said...

I totally loved it last night,, I was driving, but I arrived home before it stopped raining, so I just changed the CD and took a tour in the neighborhood to enjoy driving a little longer in empty streets under the rain.. and this is all what i was seeing, as if all the tall dull buildings disappeared...

I hope it rains tonight.

Salma said...

I used to love rain, but now rain is just a trigger to so much nostalgic feelings,
On a side note, i wish those tall dull building just disappear do you do that?any suggestions?

and welcome hamzeh :)

Anonymous said...

have you ever put your head on the pillow and every thing was fine until your sister or roommate or spouse or whomever in there told you that they can't sleep because of the tick-tock noise of the clock?

you were fine, till they brought it up,, and now you hear it as if its 2 giant hummers banging inside your skull.. if you are able at that point to ignore it... one day you'll make everything that bugs you disappear.. even the tallest building in the world, the biggest shopping mall in the region or the most luxurious hotel on earth... and hopefully you'll enjoy the beauty of a rainy night ;)

NasEr said...

nice,i like.
scary at times though !! reminded me to keep reminding myself to pull what I'm doing now off and be where i want to be in 5 years ! :)

if its not TMI ,the buildings city i assume its Dubai,i don't care much anyway,i wanna know which was the old city ?

Salma said...

hamarneh: well i guess it makes sense somehow. maybe at this point of life i cannot ignore them, because they are there so big and announcing their presence.

But maybe one day something will come up and will make them just disappear, something needs to attract my attention away..lets wait and see..

Salma said...

Hey Naser, nice to see you around firstly
and secondly yes it is Dubai, and the old city was Constanza in romania where i studied

Do not let life carry you away..there are points you reach and you cant turn back, so save yourself before those points :)

Anonymous said...

wait and see! OR do something about it

Salma said...

Hamarneh: Do something like?

Anonymous said...

something like stop feeling bad about anything and start feeling awesome about anything instead ;) how does it sound as a plan ;)

Salma said...

It doesnt sound bad at all, rain is over, so am more open to exploring optimisim..;)