Wednesday, January 21, 2009

When do we stop...

People, books, documentaries,everything around you just keeps telling you to "Have Hope"

Some books even went so far telling you that you attract what you think.WOW, so if you think hope , you attract hope and if you think despair , you attract despair. as if it is not hard enough to struggle to keep optimistic , that they even blame you if something against your wish happens!

Ok, so we need to keep hoping for good things, good people, good air. but the question that is always wandering at the background, till when??? Till when should we keep hoping for something in specific . when is the right time to stop, to move on and search for something different to hope for? It is very scary sometimes, oscillating between hope and hope, wishing for something to happen, wanting it so bad, believing that it is going to come our way one day and then days pass , it doesnt happen. and here the panic starts, should we stop hoping for it? should we move on? or is it too early? should we wait more?

I have no answers for all these questions, i seriously dont. i want to keep hoping because am scared that the myth of "you attract what you think" is true, but sometimes i am just so tired , i want to give in , i want to just lie down, loosing hope and allowing my tears to fall , to burry the dream and receive the condolances!

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