Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Reason Argument

Very eager to start the semester, I was researching a scientific topic related, and the term “Reason argument” caught my attention, so I went on researching it further, and because am very known to always float away from the subject , I reached to an article talking about reason argument in discussing religion, the article was all about atheism and Christianity, which is of very limited interest to me as am not a Christian. What caught my attention in the article is that how defensive we become when anyone points to our religion in suspicion that we indulge in an emotional defense argument weighing off any reason sometimes. We panic ! but why? If we know that we are on the right track, if we know that what we belive in is not just inherited but well adopted because it matches our instincts and needs..why do we panic? Why do we rush into defending it blindly without searching for confirmed foundations to support our argument? And because we are so busy brushing off the “attack”, we fail to see the base of this attack, is it a real attack? Or it is just merely a question to understand and absorb? Is this so called attack , an attack on the religion itself or on history? Or on people who adopt religion in a certain way?
If it is a question about a historical information, then I believe we should take a breath, calm down and on to our books and internet search to confirm this historical information. We all know that history is subjective, nothing is confirmed! How many of us were shocked when introduced to the real world that our history information that was spooned to us during school had many flaws and false information. How many of us were shocked to know that many of our defeats were due to betrayals from friends. We have spies and traitors, which definitely we didn’t know that studying the history book in school. History can be wrong! And let me go a bit extreme in saying, sometimes you can never reach to the full accurate truth about what happened or how facts were transferred among generations. So, why do we jump to defend a historical fact knowing that it is suspicious?
If the question was towards religious people, again, religious people are just HUMAN, they are not prophets, they are not angels, they use their knowledge and their perspective when explaining issues, therefore they can simple make mistakes! So again we need to breath, calm down, look for the truth and use our brains, our reason to defend whatever is said if it is defendable!When we use sound and reasonable argument, we should aim towards the truth and nothing but that, we don’t want to win or score a point on our opponent! We just want to confirm, again, that we are right, that we chose to believe in is the truth that just goes along with our instincts and knowing the right facts will just confirm it and support it. No panic and no fear!

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