Sunday, October 26, 2008

Scattered Thoughts

I was told yesterday "If you think you are on your way to insanity, look around, if you find People who share you the same feeling and same thoughts , then you are normal"

Anyone out there shares my Thoughts? Please

thoughts that are constantly in my head..

I wish i can wake up in the morning, without having to DECIDE what is my state of mind, why cant my state of mind just be..

I wish i can escape here, and live somewhere far, far from the crowd, where everything will be green and the air will be exhilarating and Serenity will be the theme

People sometimes tend to enforce their opinions, Shout it out loud , so they wont hear you and give you the look when you disapparove, those people annoy me!

Alot of traditions in our part of the world just gets on my nerves and they ACTUALLY stress me out, as most of the time , i have to keep quiet so not to appear odd

Commitments are scary, they make me panic

My day cant pass by without deeply analyzing every move and every word, even if it was an issue of buying a bulb

People are judgmental creatures, they irritate me as they think they are perfect and away from being judged!!

Ways of Survival in this world haunts me , my moto nowadays is "I want to survive"

How can we be happy when our lives depends on people around us, how to detach

I cherish Solitude , but i cant practice it

I have no hold or control over the course of events in my life

Thoughts to be continued...

Anyone out there?

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Clumsy Magnet said...

No control... I have no control.... i hate it I wish i can change it..


I can only whine about it