Sunday, October 5, 2008


Shock is literally a medical condition where the circulation of blood in the body is affected and leads to deteriorration of all the organs, and then shutdown, and death..

When you look so deeply into your life, you can see how many emotional shocks you pass through, starting from being a kid till you grow up and become a "Responsible Adult" . those emotional shocks can be so tiny, not noticeable sometimes..and sometimes, they are big, shouting, announcing their presence

It is said that "the obvious" is that a physical shock is more dangerous, it kills instantly if not treated. but is emotional shock less dangerous? less lethal? Doesnt accumalted small emotional shocks or big massive ones , lead to numbness of the whole body..? doesnt it at times, triggers huge pain that paralyzes you .. doesnt it affect your heart and scar it time by time, till the heart has no space , to beat, expand and rest? doesnt it affect your brain, kills your cells, causes brain death?

Sometimes, we avoid those effects by denial, we deny facts, so we can stay drugged into a peaceful dream. We refuse to see reality with wide eyes, we give excuses one after the other.

Sometimes itis just to late to rectify the mishappen!

But why do we deny? why do you accept distinctive diversity, why do you give in to things against your perspective?

Is it because we are scared to be alone? do we fear loneliness? but dont we end up trapped in a bigger different type of loneliness. you just stop recognizing people around you , you laugh , smile and talk as an automatic response to triggers, but you cant really observe what you see anymore, you loose your identity , and you become a stranger to your own

Solitude, what is solitude?itis defined as a state of isolation, fact or quality of being secluded from others, but why do i see Solitude as fighting the fear to be alone, facing loneliness accepting it and enjoying it, because this is the only way to know your true self, admire it and live to your thoughts, avoid all disappointments and shocks around you. In Solitude you grown stronger, because you are independent, you dont need people or events to nourish your soul or your life.
you have self satisfaction that grows from within

Language... has created the word "loneliness" to express the pain of being alone. And it has created the word "solitude" to express the glory of being alone. ~Paul Johannes Tillich, The Eternal Now

But is it easy to find Solitude? with all the chains of fear that surround us and dive into our lives? will we be able to reach that state of strength and bravery and just merge into Solitude?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Quite interesting and soothingly mind stimulating. Enjoyable to read or even to further process and combine with one's own thoughts.

Keep it up.


Salma said...

Thanks Mo'3ai6a,

would be glad to hear your thoughts too..

Keep passing by

Clumsy Magnet said...

There is a thin line between loneliness and solitude.. We with emotional shocks can never reach solitude.. yet very easy to reach loneliness..
Solitude requires satisfaction, requires optimist, and requires energy for new things to fill up our boring days...
I feel like expressing more, but my lack of talent does not help me here.. :)
I know we all have tried to reach solitude... and I know we failed and end up running back to our friends, family, lovers,,, looking for a shoulder or a listening ear.. or someone to share us with our daily life matters

Salma said...

My Dear Clumsy

unfortunately, i do agree with you, we end up always looking for things to identify with, we fear solitude, because we dont know how to practice it and we always fall in the trap of loneliness..