Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mildly rebellious thoughts..

The society is a messed up theatre, people struggle to fit in, to abide by the scenario, make sure to meet the expectations of an audience with double standards.

Yes double standards is the main character of such a society, everyone brags about being right, being committed to the society and its rules, Not only this, this society gives itself the right to judge people, label them and isolate them if necessary. Surprisingly, everyone has a secretive life, opinions that they dont voice out because they dont want to be doomed to such a life-sentence penalty!

How do we give ourselves the right to judge people? on what basis? are we perfect? isnt it that what goes around comes around, isnt there a probability that we would fall in the same trap? wont we want at that time, compassion, understanding and empathy?

We try to create our own limited circles, where we mingle together, whisper our real opinions, concerns and believes, we swear an oath to keep it between us, because the outter world wont understand, our indulgment in those circles just drugs us and gives us an illusion that we are flowing smoothly with the world because the world at that point of the coma is the closed circle. But illusions are fated to end, and suddenly you wake up to a society that confuses you, and denies logic, judges you harshly and exhausts you.

Try to discuss something out of your circle, and suddenly everyone is a saint, religious, committed, perfect husband, ideal lover, loyal friend, flawless person

GIVE ME A BREAK, we are complicated creatures, confused and lost in this society, we are not perfect and so are not others. everyone has his insecurities, weak points, and weak moments.

we are not always in control, we loose it sometimes , perspectives are different, so what seems right to me might be wrong to you , but this shouldnt affect me and you, we can still understand and get along.

It is so tiring to always fight to fit in, to be what people expect from you. to make them "proud"

Just BE and let others BE!


Hamzeh Hamarneh said...

well! I am perfect, and awesome, a true friend, a great husband, a good father, an ideal lover, supportive, understanding.. lets make a story short,,, I am entitled by all nature laws to judge people!

and based on that, i announce - by the power invested in me - that your post is perfect,, and i second your call... just pee and let others pee


Crowded said...

the eternal question; who has the right to tell you what is right and what is wrong?
the ideal answer would be: yourself
falseeef abu shreeek!

Haytham A.R. Younes said...

Salma, you raised few valid points here, however it seems to me that they all revolve around your and others' frustration from society rules and customs (I believe u precisely mean arab societies). had it crossed your mind that individuals are perpetuating these traditions by being silent and passive. if this is a mere expression of prevalent societal condition, then it ends here. but if this is meant to be a wake-up call for others who share the same frustration and disenchantment, then change is the title of the next phase. By the way, the judging part is organically connected to practised rules, therefore the sentence here is much harsher then a serving time because it is conducted by society as a whole. implementing these sentences by individuals in such societies is sometimes perplexing, because surely not everyone agrees with pre-installed rules. However, individuals still carry out their daily lives in conformity with these rules either out of fear of isolation and condemnation or simply because they agree with them. the bigger the strata that disagrees the more chances there is for societies to change and adjust accordingly.

Salma said...


Am amazed that people still pass by my haunted blog :)

That post was merely a vent out...i recently realized -sadly- that we cant change anything! Our society is far messsed up beyond any redemption..and to answer your question why people conform with the rules, it is not about fear and it is not about agreement..the society along with its habitants has lost any identity, it is all messy and people are just simply confused, and when someone is confused he just goes with the norm...
Nothing will change..not soon at least

Thanks for passing by :)