Monday, February 16, 2009

Nonsense Ramblings

Disclaimer: Am not acting GIRLY and SPOILED here, because am not. Am tough, always have been, strong enough to fight struggles, maybe not win, but at least i try. so this post is not in any means intended to show any girly senseless emotions.

It all started when a friend recommended that i should watch the movie "7 pounds" . his exact words were " take a pack of paper tissue and go", which is a good line to make me insist on watching a movie, not because am a drama queen and i just like to sulk in sadness, but because am a moody person, i flip from a mood to another, and when am in the mood to cry, i let it be, because on the contrary to others, i believe that crying is healthy, it releases your frustration and sets you ready to start all over again and because i was in that mood, i just watched alone at home, in the darkness of my room, the movie starts beautiful, catches your attention, and makes you want to know, till that scene where he commits suicide, they just couldnt let him commit suicide in a normal way, or the ordinary way, like shooting himself, or poisoning himself something quick and fast and would pass by you before you even focus, they decided that he should die by immersing his body in a sink full of ice,and there is a big jelly fish in a bucket where he suddenly without warning, pulls and throws in the sink he is in, they show you the jelly fish swimming in the tub he is in, and then detail by detail , the pain,agony,death. WHY?

After the movie ended , i was just staring in the dark, the jelly fish just keeps swimming in again and again and again, and then the thoughts just takes me back to my major phobia , SNAKES, i have a serious phobia, whenever am asked how do you feel you are going to die, i always say from a snake bite, sometimes, i suddenly jump out of my bed and start looking attentively for a snake that might show up!where did i get that phobia? my first year of college, watching a documentary about how nature revenges, one of the stories, about a snake hunter , who gets killed by a snake in his bathroom and ofcourse they had to act the scene and show a big ugly snake in the bathroom. WHY?

Today, the mood is perfect, joyful even hopeful which is rare, i set myself to sit and watch my favourite series. Grey's Anatomy, a series which am addicted to, i love it because it is real, not some tacky love series where everyone is happy and life is bright. it is a good series that talks about humans, normal ones, with good and bad..Grey's Anatomy is the part of my "loving myself time" where i give myself a treat before drifting to sleep. They had to show a case where some parasites or worms infest a some patient's Brain, which is fine talking about it, but they had to show you the surgeon pulling out each and every parasite, and show you the parasites swimming in a plate. and now i cannot drink my Pepsi . WHY?

i understand people get a thrill from action movies, they enjoy the adrenaline rush when watching a horror movie,, but what i cant absorb that what is the fun in showing disgusting creatures in details on TV? cant they just hint about it? why do they have to ruin our day, or our favourite show, or even cause us a phobia, with disgusting details that adds nothing. WHY?

i need to watch friends for a change!


Hamzeh Hamarneh said...

first of all ,,, you are welcome!

why ugly disgusting details.. you have the answer embedded in your post, because its real.. not happy and bright, LIFE IS ALL ABOUT UGLY DETAILS ,,, no harm is done by showing it, i find so hilarious and damn entertaining ;)

Salma said...

you are the tough deal :p but it is not entertaining, not a bit, people develop phobias from such a thing, and reality is great when it comes to stories, emotions, but not ugly creatures!!! you cant convince me on this

Crowded said...

well if i may add...
the phobia does not develop because of a movie you have seen, simply because you experienced it in real life, now your snake we will need to work it out! dont blame the movies, and i cannot tell you blame life...this is it...

Salma said...

Iman , it is disgusting believe me, i will show you the scenes and you judge!!

someone has to be on my side!!

Crowded said...

try again later!

NasEr said...

couldn't you call a SPOILER ALERT ? :/
i started reading til when u wrote "he committed suicide" .thanks now i won't watch the movie altogether :k: i don't even watch trailers not to have a clue about wut i'm gonna watch.

Salma said...

Naser, apology!! you should have stopped, it was obvious am going to break it out :D
anyways, you can still watch it..