Saturday, February 7, 2009

A moment..

I paused and looked around, Silence has invaded my space , a disturbing silence as if i was standing behind a window pane, where everything reaches me fadely.. the only voice i can hear is the cries of those flocks of seagulls, confusing me, are they cries of joy , joy of catching the prey which means security of the day, and assurance of no hunger at least for the coming hours? or cries of hunger, because everything around learned to be cautious and not to take any step unless it is sure that it is safe, so no more preys, no more food , or are they the cries of aching pain because , their dear has been captured by a ray?

People are passing by , and am frozen in this pause, no body notices me, they keep passing by, some are in hurry, some are worried, some are happy , others are in love, some are lonely and some are just clueless, nothing speaks out of them , except a set of eyes that tells you everthing, but i cant read, Blur is all i can see, i can distinguish the accelrating movement of people and the voices fading and fading and am still stuck in the moment

I reach out, spread my hand, asking my companion for help, pleading for vision and voice, but am expressionless and confused, and am blurring, the set of eyes was talking to me, it might have said that they dont get it, or they might have blamed me, or judged me, or simply didnt care, i cant really tell..i realize in a clear fraction of the second.. am disconnected!

I am in the moment, totally isolated, cant recognise my heart beat, or the feel of the breeze on my skin, cant see the water hitting the shore , am stuck , frozen and disconnected

I panic, but no one can realize or see, they keep passing by in hurry and the seagulls are still confused and busy figuring it out..the air is surfin away and am choking, the water is fighting back and am drowning, confusion: why is this happening, it is not the time, not now, connect me i ask..i demand, but the sand is just crawling and am sinking..Am angry, and my anger is howling inside of me, but reaches no where as it hits and fly back to disconnected

Yes, am diconnected!
PS: special thanks to Rana, who keeps lending me , photos she captures


Hamzeh Hamarneh said...

this might be the best way to learn how to swim! look at full half of the ocean ;)

Crowded said...