Monday, February 2, 2009


I know many of my friends, think that i do exagerrate when i talk about my connection with nature, how it affects me and controls my mood and some think that am even silly, leaving all the "fun" around here in dubai and wandering with my thoughts hoping for a slower life in a town that screams green all over, but this is how i was built, formed and grew, for me, nature is part of me, it affects me, controls my mood and triggers different , different emotions , it played a role in who i became and it continues to restructure me always
Yesterday we decided to do something out of the normal routine, away from the boring outings, the smiles here and there, the normal discussions - which usually leads to no where - we decided to go on a road trip to the eatern coast!
the day starts with me waking up in a grumpy mood, coz i didnt have enough sleep but had to wake up early to make use of the day, a very grumpy mood that i blast on my friends for not comitting to the time agreed, then faking a smile because you dont want to ruin the day.. the road trip starts from the desert, a continous orange yellow dunes with scattered fading green bushes going on and on, till the desert starts meeting with dark rocky mountains, trying to raise high to reach the top of it , but it fails , it says bye and leaves the stage to those solid , standing mountains and here i start to synchronize with the atmosphere, i start to breath well, feeling my all emotions rising high , when we stop for pics on the road, i just hear the silence, the silence of everything and i rember authours talking about the voice of silence and suddenly i understand, how can silence have a voice? it does, i swear it does, it talks to you, collects all your moods, worries, confusions and stumbling emotions, holds them in a bundle, smoothen the edges and harmonizing it , that you start flowing smoothly with everything around, in one cirlce , one direction. if someone could read my aura at that moment, he wouldnt see but healthy colours and enlightment..the trip continues, and with every moment , the mood eliates, the silence keep playing the magic stick and suddenly am connected! am connected to me..
the Grand Finale, was on the way to masafi, it was dark and suddenly you enter into a road between mountain, with no light , except some rare lights of car passing by, it is totally dark and you are just stuck between the mountains and you cant see the end.. for the first few moments all what you can see is Dark and then when you focus , try to absorb what is around you, you see very blackish mountains, talking to less blackish skys with a spray of abundant stars, that scene , just made me realize that no matter how dark is the place you are in there is always a darker place, and no matter how gloomy things may appear, but if you want to see , you can always see those scattered stars that give you that so called - light at the end of the tunnel-
At that moment only, i wished it rained, so the whole scene would be complete , satisfying and enriching, i wish it rained, because at that moment only, the tall building didnt exist , the speedy life just stopped , the chaos disappeared and everything was flowing with me , on the same lane, towards the same direction
and here i am, still dazzled with the whole experience, i feel better, more bound to me, smiles are more real and am ready for a second round on the fast lane!
And yes, i will never stop loving the way nature stands ...


Anonymous said...


when i looked at you while driving, from the look showed on your face, I knew something is happening inside you,, that you don't have 100 of thoughts drifting in your mind taking you from a place to another and..... a I felt you are in peace,

and Dear I know... its not easy for you to reach the 1 thought area, you always have 1000's of thoughts running in your head and you analyzing and studying and.. and...

remember the bulb??

Glad we did this all together


3ashan a'3eez el a3aadi <---

Hamzeh Hamarneh said...

i spent Thursday in the desert of al Dhaid, spent some time in Masafi and ended up in FUJ before heading back to Sin City,, I hunted a pigeon with a trained falcon and participated in a camel race and cooked on natural fire in bedwin tent...

i think, i think i enjoyed every single moment

Salma said...

well..Anonymous my good friend :)

Thanks to you and my other anonymous, you made the whole trip worth , althought i could have killed you in the morning..

Am full of love i love you girls!

Salma said...


I like the idea of calling Dubai as the sin city, i might start using it - dont worry will week your copy rights reserved -

I think i should try the fire in a bedouin tent also, i will have to do in the middle of the desert, very dazzling i would say..

Crowded said...

woman! the way you described it! i so much need something like this.........nothing better than no civil life!
nothing better than solitude surrounded by nature... lets go to hatta!
good job good job.
seriously, belismaaa